Things That go Bump in The Night

Do you remember when you were younger, all the things that used to terrify you? Monsters under the bed, in the closet, the sandman, ghosts and shadows. That cupboard you weren’t allowed to open. All those children's stories with a diabolical twist. Hansel and Gretel eaten by the Witch, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, all getting gobbled up. All the monsters that you could conjure up and believe to be completely real. Personally I always found Roald Dahl both brilliant and terrifying, getting sucked up a tube on a chocolate river, or being locked in the Chokey, glass shards pressing up against you. It all seemed like the worst things that could possibly happen.

Well the challenge this week is to go back to your younger self and write a story about something that terrified you when you were younger. Don't worry about reality or how ridiculous it is the only important thing is to remember how you felt, that believe that it could really happen and that it was the worst thing that could possibly happen. Then write a short story about it. It can be any format the important thing is to focus on conveying the fear your character feels.

Good luck!

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