Into the fire

Want to really get to know you character? Let’s see how they react to this.

Having believable characters that have depth are vital to any good story. All heroes face challenges whether this is a fight to the death, spiders or facing the death of a loved one, how they overcome these challenges is how they show their character (and makes a good story). So take a character, one of your own or one you know well, and ask them what they’re greatest fear is (they’ll lie but you can work it out). Then write a scene where they confront this fear. Will they be paralysed, unable to react or fight back, even if this makes things worse. Remember fear triggers the more primitive fight or flight response, first reactions may not be logical. And whether your hero can recover will depend on their experiences.

So write a short story building up to the dreaded moment, spring the surprise and find out what happens in the aftermath. What will you learn about your hero?

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