Because we all ask why?

By LilLizzie

In this challenge I wanted you to think about what your character fears. Although we don’t like to admit it, fear often drives us more than anything else. It stops us chasing our dreams and facing up to our problems. I’m sure we can all think of times we have stuck our head in the sand, ignoring something we know we should deal with. Your characters should be no different. What does your character fear? There may be a very real and practical fear of sword wielding madmen but there are also fears of failure, loneliness, abandonment, losing the people you care about.

A good story should make your protagonist face at least one of their fears so it’s also important to consider why they would face these deep rooted fears. In some cases there isn’t much choice. The man diagnosed with cancer will have to face his fear of death, although he can delay it for as long as possible. Usually though we face our fears because of a higher calling. To protect those we love, frustration, a hope for something better, peer pressure and just plain old boredom.

These two opposing points drive your character forwards and backwards in a delicate balancing act. Creates their inner struggle and dictates their actions. So what drives your character?


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