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Writing should be fun.
I know it’s not all the time. Sometimes there are roadblocks, potholes, diversions and annoying stop signs (when did I give you the map) and then some idiot comes up with a deadline just as you were getting comfortable. The journey may be unexpected but it should be fun.
Here at Novelretreat we want to create a space where you can just write. Try a new challenge, a different genre, something shorter, longer or a different point of view. Can’t see eye to eye with your character, try some character development or just throw them in at the deep end and see how they get out (feels so much better doesn’t it). Build a beautiful landscape, look out over the scenery and enjoy, then condemn it to oblivion. All while racing against the clock.
When the dust settles you can share you work with fellow writers and get some much needed feedback, compare battle scars or just hang out. Sometimes it’s good to talk to real people. Share tips and tricks, check out our friends page to see videos from authors sharing their stories, see what inspires you.
Most importantly...just dive in and get writing.

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